[chirp_users] Using Chirp with Icom V82

Mike Heitmann n0so at att.net
Thu Feb 2 07:57:56 PST 2012

Hi Duffy,

Sorry to hear about the issues with the V82s

My laptop apparently generates enough RFI to make a D-STAR radio think there is 
low speed data which "messes" with the chirp radio detection logic by sending 
extra data out on the port. Once it detects the radio it appears to be fine. 
I've had to "re-learn" that lesson on several occasions. My head gets sore from 
banging it on the same low-hanging branch repeatedly and didn't want to see 
others do the same.

I should start chirp via a script the displays a reminder to take the radio out 
of DV mode (or just select a quiet frequency) before attempting to program!

Hope the new radios work out!

73 and see you in the K0MDG system!
Mike, N0SO

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Hi Mike and all,

I got a hold of the Icom V82 software and it immediately worked. So not 
sure why Chirp cannot read or write to the radios.

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