[chirp_users] Chirp LiveCD update

B Giff bgiff158 at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 29 07:12:24 PST 2012

I am currently uploading a new version of the Chirp LiveCD.  It should be available for download by 1900GMT.
I've added a few new features to make the CD even more useful.  First is an updater for Chirp.  You will see an orange icon on the desktop titled Chirp Updater.  Double click it and follow the on screen instructions to update Chirp to the latest release.  Please note that if you are running from a CD, the changes will NOT be retained.  When you reboot the computer, you will be back to the old version of Chirp.  If you plan to use the liveCD more than a time or two, I recommend you make a bootable USB drive (LiveUSB).  Instructions are located in the project's wiki.  The LiveUSB will retain the updated Chirp and any files you save.

For the Chirp developers out there, mercurial is included in this release.  

For digital mode users, Fldigi is included in this release.  

Note to all, I will be unable to push out another release until February.

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