[chirp_users] Problem reading UHF data from radio using a Mac

Ed Danaher ed.danaher at gmail.com
Wed Dec 26 08:38:42 PST 2012

I am a new user of Chirp so I'm still learning my way around. I have been
able to read from my radio, a Wouxum  KG-UV3D, the 2m/440 version. I can
upload the 2m data from the radio but not the 440. I have set Chirp to read
all 128 memories, but only the 38 2m frequencies show up. Am I doing
something wrong or is this a limitation of the software?

I am using a Mac running OS X 10.6.8; the Mac OS X version of Chirp Version
0.2.3 (GTK 2.24.10, PyGTK 2.22.0, and Python 2.7.2). The cable is a Wouxun
WXUSB USB programming cable.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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