[chirp_users] An early Christmas present for CHIRP users

Hugh Phillips K7XM jacshitt at mho.com
Tue Dec 25 12:55:15 PST 2012

First of all, I'm new at this...
Is this info meant for Linux users only?
I can't seem to get anything to happen after making the CD.
I have a UV5R and need to program it.
Maybe I'm in the wrong pew??
Merry Christmas,

At 13:31 12/24/2012, you wrote:
>On Sun, 2012-12-23 at 19:37 -0800, Dan Smith wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > A CHIRP user has put together something very useful and made it
> > available to the community. It is a "live CD" with CHIRP pre-installed.
> > If you're interested in checking it out, go get it here:
> >
> >   http://sourceforge.net/projects/chirplivecd/
> >
> > Be sure to thank Bob (who is on this list) for his hard work!
>Thank you Dan, Bob, and any others that contribute to this project.
>Great work!
>Fred E
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