[chirp_users] Writing to Yaesu Vx8G

Dan Smith dsmith at danplanet.com
Sat Dec 22 08:32:14 PST 2012

> A few days ago, I had a friend come over so we could program his Yaesu
> Vx8G and we had a few problems writing back to it …    I see that there
> are two new updates in the last two days but I do not see if the issue I
> had was addressed….  ANYWAY here is what I can determine..
> Using chirp-daily-20121106-installer.exe, it could read but it would not
> write to it.  So I installed the last release of
> chirp-0.2.3-installer.exe and it worked fine.  Did the latest daily
> build address the problem that I had with the 20121106 build?

No, I haven't made any changes to the VX-8 driver in a long time, and
none since the 0.2.3 release. Thus, AFAIK, it working on 0.2.3 and not
on any daily since then makes no sense to me. If you are _sure_ about
this, please open a bug on the website and attach your debug log from
when it fails to write.

Dan Smith

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