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Thanks Fred

OK some more information.

I have CHIRP Version 0.2.3 installed on a Windows 7 64bit machine.

I have the RT Systems USB cable for the FT60-R and an aftermarket USB cable
for the UV-5R.

I have installed the drivers for both above cables and verified the COM
Port they are using. Both are COM4.

I started CHIRP software, plugged in the RT Systems USB cable, held down
the Moni key while turning on the FT60-R and the software responded with an
error message stating:

"An Error has occurred. Radio is not responding" with an OK button.

Now I was told by a friend that the FT60-R has a problem conneting for the
1st time, but it will be easier there after. But then what are the tricks
that will make it easier to connect the first time?



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