[chirp_users] CHIRP Portable App

Debbie Fligor n9dn at arrl.net
Mon Aug 13 07:55:40 PDT 2012

On Aug 12, 2012, at 20:46, Dan Smith wrote:

> 3. Most of the devices (and especially the most popular one) is so
>   limited that it doesn't have USB host support, which would be
>   required for attaching wired serial port. Bluetooth serial support
>   is "neat" but fraught with so many potential timing issues it's hard
>   to consider it an option. Many of the radios (yaesus especially are
>   extremely timing-sensitive and the higher latency of a bluetooth
>   connection would be difficult to optimize.

not that it negates any of the other quite reasonable points you make, but there are actually serial adaptors out for the iPad. we've got some for work.  if anyone else wants to tackle porting this, it might actually work.

personally, I'm more for porting d-rats.  much simpler (not so device specific) and would be handy for emcomm. however, not being a real programmer and not having any python experience (short of reading bits and pieces of d-rats and chirp), I'm stuck waiting on someone else to do it :-)


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