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Richard Farina sidhayn at gmail.com
Sun Aug 12 19:06:02 PDT 2012

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On 08/12/2012 09:46 PM, Dan Smith wrote:
>> Any move toward making CHIRP a portable App ?
> I assume you mean for one of the flat, keyboardless, 
> heavy-on-the-cool-factor, light-on-the-features computers that are
> all the rage these days? The tablet fad tends to generate rants
> from me, so here goes:

I imagine it's more likely he meant a self-contained package meant to
run on a usb stick ala http://portableapps.com/

Which Chirp already basically is....

- -Zero

> You won't see it from me for at least the following reasons:
> 1. CHIRP is written in Python, which lets development proceed at
> an incredibly rapid pace. None of the popular tablet platforms
> support running apps in this language. It would be a total
> rewrite. 2. The environments for both of the popular ones are
> fairly specific to their platforms, meaning a rewrite to either
> would not be useful for the other, and in most cases, not very
> useful to desktop users either. 3. Most of the devices (and
> especially the most popular one) is so limited that it doesn't have
> USB host support, which would be required for attaching wired
> serial port. Bluetooth serial support is "neat" but fraught with so
> many potential timing issues it's hard to consider it an option.
> Many of the radios (yaesus especially are extremely
> timing-sensitive and the higher latency of a bluetooth connection
> would be difficult to optimize. 3. I don't really like tablets. I
> can browse the web on one, but just about everything else I do with
> a computer lends itself to a more rich interface than what I can do
> with my greasy, stubby fingers. I don't really understand the
> current mainstream fascination for the devices, I don't own one,
> and I'm certainly not planning a rewrite of the entire code base in
> order to support one.
> I'll let the other devs speak up here in case one of them is
> planning to rewrite the 28,758 lines of code in the main repository
> for either or both of the two dominant tablet platforms. CHIRP is
> open-source so anyone wishing to undertake such an endeavor is more
> than welcome :)
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