[chirp_users] OS X 10.7.3 Can't launch from sub-folder

Anthony Compton acompton at idaho4.com
Fri Apr 20 16:32:42 PDT 2012

Since upgrading to CHIRP 2.2 I am seeing strange behavior launching the app on my MacBook Pro. I have an Amateur Radio folder under my Applications folder and I have been running CHIRP and other Ham apps from there for some time.  When I upgraded to CHIRP 2.2 the app failed to launch. I took the usual steps Permissions Repair, different users profile, etc.  CHIRP and DRats will not open if they are located in my Amateur Radio folder. 

I found that I can open CHIRP if it's located on my Desktop, Downloads, or Applications Folder but If I move it to the Amateur Radio subfolder it won't open. Permissions appear to be the same on all folders in my Applications Folder. Also, I have a MacBook Air with the same folder layout and CHIRP works fine there.  

I am stumped for the moment. Any suggestions? 


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