[chirp_users] Chirp and IC92

Michael Walker va3mw at portcredit.net
Thu Apr 19 04:26:29 PDT 2012

Hi David

Let me thank you for all the hard work on this.  I appreciated your
dedication to this project.

I work for a large company in their software part of the world, and I do
appreciate that software does have bugs.  So, I have  found a few that
might have been discussed, previously, but I thought I would mention them.

I do own the following radios that I can test with:

   - vx7r
   - vx8r
   - ic92
   - uv5r
   - id-800
   - ft857
   - ft897

(I need to sell some radios :) )

I was playing with the ic92 on the daily build from 2 days ago (04162012).

I am using a non-chinese usb/rs232 adapter on my RS92 connected to the IC92
on W7 64.

Chirp 'seem's to read all the IC92 data in live mode.  What took me down
this path, was that I had some repeater offsets programmed as 0.0000.  When
I tried to change them to 5.000, it would not take and the update was not
transmitted to the radio.

Previously to this, I was cleaning out the radios memories by highlighting
all the SW Broadcast and deleting them with a Shift up.  I believe that
completed for the most part (not all memories were deleted).

I then manually edited the offset in the radio, but it is not being read by
the software (this is in band B 000).

Thoughts?  Is there a log I can share with you?

Again, many thanks.

Mike va3mw
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