[chirp_users] FT-857D M-603 modification for new 60 Meter allocation

Dan Smith dsmith at danplanet.com
Tue Apr 17 20:50:42 PDT 2012

> I successfully downloaded the settings from my FT-857D.  When I
> attempted to enter the 5.3585 value for the 5.368 I get an Invalid
> Value Entered message.  It would have been nice for it to have
> worked.  If you can come up with a solution I would appreciate an
> update.  I loaded the CHIRP daily-04162012 version on my Windows 7
> netbook. I would like to pass the information along to my fellow club
> members if this will work.  There are several of us with 897's and
> 857's.

I just tried and I see the same broken behavior. Please file an issue on
the website and I'll take a look as soon as possible after you do. Thanks!

Dan Smith

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