[chirp_users] CSV imports

Jim Piper n6med at att.net
Sun Apr 15 22:07:28 PDT 2012

Got it Dan, thanks! Somehow missed the 
merge/overwrite of the radio image and 
the csv import. Just tried it and it works.

Going to solve my laptop/W2k prob by 
trying to upgrade the OS to XP. That'll 
solve a number of probs, including being 
able to easily use your later releases 
of CHIRP. Using your latest build on my 
desktop machine and all is well with it.

Thanks for the response to the CHIRP 
user's email. Thought I had asked the 
question on the mailing list, i.e., 
"chirp_users at intrepid.danplanet.com."  I 
much prefer asking the question there to 
find whether other uses have had the 
same problem or can offer a solution 
than bugging the guys doing the coding.

Best regards --


On 4/15/2012 7:29 PM, Dan Smith wrote:
>> I've re-read the newbie instructions numerous times but suspect I am
>> doing something wrong.
> You can't upload a CSV file to a radio directly, you can only upload an
> image. So, grab an image from the radio, *import* the contents of the
> CSV file, and then upload back to the radio.
> There have been a lot of CSV fixes since 0.1.12, so I recommend the
> following procedure:
> 1. Download from the alinco with your older version, save to
>     myalinco.img
> 2. Copy myalinco.img to the newer machine
> 3. In the current version of chirp, open your myalinco.img
> 4. File->Import, choose the CSV file
> 5. File->Save the changes back to myalinco.img
> 6. Copy the myalinco.img back to your older computer
> 7. File->Open it with the older chirp and then Radio->Upload to push it
>     back into the radio.
> It's more complicated than it should need to be since you have the other
> issue of not being able to run the current chirp on the older machine.
> In the future, asking questions like this on the mailing list would be
> preferred so everyone can help/contribute/benefit from the discussion.
> Thanks!

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