[chirp_users] CSV import is broken

Boris Korzun drTr0jan at yandex.ru
Wed Sep 21 07:06:56 PDT 2011

Ok, I've replaced semicolons by commas and the program has started work.
But the program saves (exports) the data with semicolons instead of commas (from Baofeng UV-3R).

22.09.2011, 00:43, "Dan Smith" <dsmith at danplanet.com>:
>>  Location;Name;Frequency;Duplex;Offset;Tone;rToneFreq;cToneFreq;DtcsCode;DtcsPolarity;Mode;TStep;Skip;Bank;Bank Index;URCALL;RPT1CALL;RPT2CALL
>>  1;;433.075000;;0.000000;;88.5;88.5;023;NN;NFM;5.00;;;-1;;;;
>>  2;;433.100000;;0.000000;;88.5;88.5;023;NN;NFM;5.00;;;-1;;;;
> The formatting is incorrect. You're using semicolons instead of commas.

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