[chirp_users] CSV import is broken

Boris Korzun
Thu Sep 22 05:12:30 PDT 2011

Sorry for my Engrish. I have meant that the program works *correctly* with commas instead of semicolons.
But the program exports the data incorrectly.
I file the log (debug.log, screens, CSV-files) on my server - http://admins.rapid.khv.ru/debug.zip
I don't want to *register* on the bug tracker for leaving the issue, but i am lazy. Or could you make an anonymous access to the bug tracker on the website?

22.09.2011, 02:25, "Dan Smith" <dsmith at danplanet.com>:
>>  Ok, I've replaced semicolons by commas and the program has started
>>  work. But the program saves (exports) the data with semicolons
>>  instead of commas (from Baofeng UV-3R).
> Eh? There was some code a while back to make that happen on certain
> European locales.. I didn't think that was still there, though. If you
> could file a bug on the website, I'll take a look.

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