[chirp_users] IC-2720

Allan R. Batteiger
Mon Sep 19 08:54:57 PDT 2011

    I got everything working.   Still had to specifically import a few 
channels but at least that worked this time.    Is there any 
documentation ( wiki or otherwise) on how to use Chirp and about the 
different format to save in ( csv, vs chrisp vs img)  ?
How difficult would it be to allow something like an import of a csv to 
a generic radio then set the type up and do a write to the Radio.   
Currently I do not seem to be able to setup the type of radio except for 
a read from the radio.  Once I have read from a radio then I can import 
the CSv and write back to the radio.   In most of the cases I work with 
I am prepared to trash whatever is currently there and overwrite it with 
new info.   Still need the read function for verifying the programming I 
just wrote.


On 9/15/2011 10:09 AM, Dan Smith wrote:
> Yeah, the 8800 and 8900 use the same driver in CHIRP, so I'd expect the
> upload process to be identical. The problem reported was with the actual
> uploading, which you seem to be able to do just fine.
>> Download from Radio seems to work fine. Uploads are not consistent. Some
>> memory locations did not program at all, some were partially programmed
>> ( i.e name field was messed up). This was verified with other
>> programming software VX-6 commander.
> Okay, can you file bugs (issues) on the website for these and attach
> .img files (and maybe screenshots as well)? If so, I'll get these resolved.
> Thanks!

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