[chirp_users] SOLVED: Problems under Ubuntu 11.10?

Mark Phillips
Tue Oct 25 11:06:51 PDT 2011


Google for "10 things to do after installing 11.10".

One of the recommended activities is to rid yourself of Unity and 
install the Gnome-shell. This will give you most of the facilities you 
previously had and none of that mouse over crap.


On 10/25/2011 08:08 AM, Dave Passey wrote:
> This is my last thread butchery for the day, promise!
> I found out what the "problem" is, if there really is one.  Its more
> like user error, certainly not a problem with Chirp its self.
> The "problem" is the Unity interface under Ubuntu.  The menu bar is
> taken away from the app window, and stuck up at the top of the screen
> but kept invisible until mouseover.  When Chirp starts up, it is not
> full screen and has nothing to display.  However, if the user moves the
> mouse to the top of the screen, the menu bar appears and the app is
> quite useable.  The most intuitive way around this is simply to maximise
> Chirp - the top of its window then sits below the menu bar and
> everything feels reasonably good!  Chirp seems to be programming my
> UV-3R very nicely indeed - I'm over the moon that I can have the same
> memories in my 3R and my VX-6 with ease!
> Unity is pretty, but it does have its usability problems from time to
> time, hi!
> Thanks and 73,
> Dave M0MYA.
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