[chirp_users] Need help with FT-60

Dan Smith
Tue Oct 25 10:24:35 PDT 2011

> On the FT8900, it used to display the Alpha name.  About two version ago, it
> went to frequency.  Are you saying that I can set the radio to show ALL the
> alpha names?  Currently I can do this one at a time.  If there is an ALL
> option, I will need to find it.

No, the radio won't do the mass update for you. I meant that CHIRP 
should be setting the flag any time it changes a memory.

No change to this functionality was intended, nor do I think any was 
really made. CHIRP would inherit the flag already set in the memory if 
it didn't set it.

Looking at the code, both the 8800 and 8900 should be setting the flag 
to display the alpha tag. If you don't see this behavior, please send me 
the two image dumps as I requested for the FT-60 and I'll take a look.


Dan Smith

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