[chirp_users] ubuntu-hams ppa

Leigh L. Klotz, Jr. WA5ZNU Leigh at WA5ZNU.org
Wed Nov 30 16:43:28 PST 2011


As a chirp user and as an fldigi developer, I say thanks and it's great to
see Canonical support for hams!

I think the original question asking "what ubuntu-hams ppa software is or
does" came from a Windows chirp user, so my answer was for that
perspective.  You're of course right that Linux users -- and developers --
need to know more.


Steve AI4QR wrote:
> <Leigh at wa5znu.org> wrote:
>> It is where you get free ham software for Ubuntu Linux.
>> You just add it to the list on your sytem and if you want to install
>> chirp or fldigi or aprs software, it shows up in a list and you
>> install it with one click.
>> Leigh/WA5ZNU
> It's a little more complicated than that, I'll try to clear it up . . .

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