[chirp_users] Status of RPMS for Fedora Core 13 and a System Crash at N0SO.NET Update

Mike Heitmann n0so at att.net
Fri Nov 18 07:14:24 PST 2011

Update on my system crash: The server that crashed is still offline  awaiting 
replacement hardware, so the most recent daily chirp build was done  on a laptop 
that is running Fedora 16 (fc16), which was released last  week. Therefore the 
resulting RPM in the KK7DS repository is an fc16 RPM.  When the server that is 
offline is restored to service, it will also be  running fc16. Moving forward, 
all future chirp (and d-rats) RPMs will be  made for fc16 as well.  The fc16 
RPMs should work fine with Fedora 14 and up. 

Status of  Fedora Core 13 (fc13) RPMs:  With the release of fc16, fc13 becomes 
unsupported by the Fedora Project. We have been building fc13 and fc15 RPMs for 
a while because fc13 used python V2.6 while fc14 and up use python 2.7.  The 
plan forward is to only generate fc16 RPMs and discontinue the fc13 RPMs.

If someone needs fc13 RPMs, please contact me and we will try to work something 

Mike, N0SO

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Sorry, but we experienced a hard drive crash this past weekend on the system 
used for making CHIRP and D-RATS builds. Fedora RPMs for the daily builds will 
resume after recovery.

Mike, N0SO

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