[chirp_users] Question on chirp with TH-F6A

bnjkoch at comcast.net bnjkoch at comcast.net
Thu Nov 17 13:53:22 PST 2011

Dan & Team: 

CHIRP - great project! 

  Thanks for supporting the HAM community in all of your (many) efforts. 


I own a Kenwood TM-F6A hand-held transceiver, purchased in fall 2008. 

  My first trial with chirp(ver 0.1.12) lead to errors, but I read in a FAQ about a F6A bug fix in version(chirp-daily-11092011). 

  Chirp(ver11092011) allowed access to the radio without errors. 


When I attempted to export the data, an error was generated. 

  1. See attachment(1.jpg) for screen.cap prior to error. 

  2. See attachment(2jpg) for screen.cap at error. 

  3. See attachment(ver.jpg) for screen.cap of version information. 



  1. WinXP(MediaCenter2002_sp2) on a DELL XPS.400(DXP051) 

  2. USB><Serial converter to OEM serial cable to radio. 



  1. I am not a "real" programmer :)  the error seems to involve a function where the argument is a HEX value but expected a DEC value. 

  2. I used the same equipment to access the TH-F6A with the Kenwood prog s/w and it worked as expected. 

  3. I can try another USB><Serial converter, but this error doesn't seem to point that direction. 

  4. I can try to clear all memory on the F6A but would rather hear your ideas first. 


What's next? 

  In the future, would you rather see screen.cap's as attachments or in-line images? 

  Any other advice? 

PS: My interest in CHIRP was sparked when a HAMShare class was offered for this Saturday, Nov-19-2011, in Auburn, WA. 
        One of the (many) topics is CHIRP.  
Thanks and Best Regards; 
  Bruce Koch - AD7XS 
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