[chirp_users] Programming Cable Guide

Gerrit Polder gerrit.polder at solcon.nl
Wed Nov 9 12:59:00 PST 2011


here is some additional information for the programming cable guide.

For the Baofeng UV-3R is a USB cable available with a prolific chip.
Unfortunately the latest driver from prolific does not work with this cable.
You have to use a weird old driver used for GPS equipment in the past (PL2303_Prolific_GPS_AllInOne_1013.exe).
It does not work with Mac OS X, don't know about Linux.

for this reason I replaced the interface with a SparkFun FTDI Breakout board (http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9716).
This one works like a charm. Furthermore I also can program my BF-U3 using Windows 7. The old cable could only be used with Windows XP.

I removed the cable from the prolific board and soldered it to pin headers which fit in the header connecter of the SparkFun board. For what its worth: black to ground, green to tx, red to rx.


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