[chirp_users] New Install with OSX Lion

Dan Smith dsmith at danplanet.com
Thu Nov 3 10:04:42 PDT 2011

> I am curious, when you get chirp to run in lion, does it come up in
> an x-window, or how?

Yes, it's an X11 window.

> I'm using lion, and I'd love to get chirp working on my mac. However,
> I'm not able to get it going with voiceover which I need. Could you
> help?

As I've said many times already, CHIRP uses GTK to achieve a
cross-platform user interface. This is non-native on MacOS (and Windows)
and thus "looks" like a picture instead of a set of widgets to 
unenlightened screen reader software. Asking it to read it to you is 
roughly equivalent to asking it to read a picture of a kitten.

Dan Smith

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