[chirp_users] New Install with OSX Lion

Dan Smith dsmith at danplanet.com
Tue Nov 1 16:48:43 PDT 2011

> When I have the kawamall device plugged in this is the one shows up
> in the list, if I unplug the device this one is no longer available.

Okay, I'd still like to see the debug log.

Here's something you can try, to rule out issues with the cable, 
adapter, radio, and driver:

Find a terminal program and connect it to your /dev/cu.usbserial device, 
at 9600 baud. Then initiate your clone from the radio side and see if 
you see the model header show up in the terminal. For the FT-8800, this 
should be "AH018". If you see it, then we can start looking at CHIRP. If 
you don't then you should start looking at the above-mentioned links in 
the chain.


Dan Smith

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