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#91: Kenwood tm-v71 identifies, then Chirp freezes...
  Reporter:  psharmor@…          |       Owner:  kk7ds               
      Type:  Bug                 |      Status:  accepted            
  Priority:  Functionality       |   Milestone:                      
 Component:  Memory Editor       |     Version:  0.1.9               
Resolution:                      |    Keywords:  kenwood tm-v71 tmv71
  Platform:  Linux               |  

Comment (by dzubey@…):

 Here's some help. Spend the evening here working with the software trying
 to get it working with my TM-V71A. Here's a few notes:

 In a terminal emulator, when I type ID at 9600N81 I get back "TM-
 V71M90200539\r". I think the code is expecting "ID TM-V71A", and trying to
 take the rightmost part of the string. That won't work. (tmv71a_ll.py)

 Secondly, I only get a reply to the ID string once. Any other attempts are
 met with silence. I'm tired, but I remember at some point the code waited
 for a \r, which this radio gave after the ID, and that got put into get_id
 but it shuts up afterwards, so the code locked up.

 Oh, also, my radio doesn't reply to anything over the serial port unless
 it's turned on into program mode, by holding down MR and PM while turning
 it on.

 Anyways, hope that helps debug a big more. I'll join the mailing lists
 tomorrow.I did try the beta code, but to no avail.

 -Dan N7NMD

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