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#115: duplex setting getting automatically overwritten when frequency gets focus.
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 Well, I understand why the current behavior is not quite right.  However,
 I'm not sure that making it only auto-select the duplex on the first edit
 is what we want.  I think users will be confused if they change a 2m
 frequency to a 70cm one and don't notice (until in the field) that their
 offset is wrong.  Certainly resetting the duplex and offset if the field
 is entered but not changed is not the right behavior.

 One possible change is making the trigger be when the entered frequency's
 band changes?  In other words, you would get an automatic duplex/offset
 setting if you changed from 0.00 to 146.90, from 146.90 to 443.10, but not
 from 146.90 to 147.32.  The problem here, however, is going from 146.52 to
 146.9000 does not properly enable duplex mode.

 Perhaps an alternative would be to only change the duplex/offset if the
 frequency changes from one automatic range to another.  So, if you went
 from 146.52 to 147.90, the range went from simplex to (-), so we auto-set
 the duplex.  We could also make it so that it only does this if your
 duplex/offset was default on the old frequency.  So, if you had 146.52+1.0
 and change the frequency to 146.90, it wouldn't auto-set the duplex/offset
 because you had something non-standard in there.  Does that sound

 Regarding the US ranges, yes, of course the ones in there now are for the
 US.  Nobody has complained thus far and I'm happy to work out a solution
 for other countries if someone will offer up the schemes.  Alternatively,
 I could make the automatic-ness be a toggle so that people can turn off
 that behavior if it's not right for them, or otherwise undesirable.

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