[chirp_users] [CHIRP] #115: duplex setting getting automatically overwritten when frequency gets focus.

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#115: duplex setting getting automatically overwritten when frequency gets focus.
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 Platform:  Linux              |  
 If the frequency field gets focus, the duplex setting gets overwritten
 with the band plan duplex for that frequency, even if the frequency
 doesn't change.

 I first noticed this with 6 meter frequencies. they would loose their
 duplex setting if the frequency field gets focus.  Note: the frequency
 actually hasn't changed, I just double clicked on it.  There are no
 STD_6M_OFFSETS defined so the duplex settings all got changed to none.

 On a 2M frequency that had an offset that doesn't match the standard
 offsets, touching the frequency would cause the duplex setting to be
 silently changed.

 To reproduce:
 1. Enter a 6m frequency, 52.500, + offset by 0.500
 2. Double click the frequency, observer the + duplex has changed to none.

 1. Enter 147.375, notice that + and .600 get set automatically.
 2. Change to - shift.
 3. Double click on 147.375 so it gets & looses focus, note the shift
 (duplex0 has changed back to +.

 First if the frequency doesn't actually get changed, no other automatic
 changes should be applied.

 Second, I think automatically setting the shift/direction should only
 occur the first time the frequency is set.   Subsequent changes to the
 frequency shouldn't cause automatic defaults to be applied.

 Aren't the current set of standard 2m/70cm offsets somewhat US specific?

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