[chirp_users] [CHIRP] #113: vx-8 listed twice

Mathew Mrosko mat at matmrosko.com
Mon May 16 11:33:50 PDT 2011

 On Mon, 16 May 2011 14:52:58 -0000, CHIRP Tracker wrote:
> #113: vx-8 listed twice
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>  Reporter:  kb1chu@…        |        Type:  Bug
>    Status:  new             |    Priority:  Functionality
> Milestone:                  |   Component:  Import/Export
>   Version:  0.1.11          |    Keywords:
>  Platform:  Windows         |
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>  vx-8 is listed twice under radio/download/model.

 Attached is an HG patch for this.  It appears that the issue is that 
 the VX-8D simply inherits the VX-8 class to set a different private 
 model ID used for communication with the radio and the VX-8D class 
 doesn't set public model member used by the UI.  I don't have a VX-8, so 
 this is untested other than looking at the drop-down.  MODEL might have 
 some other side-effects that Dan should know before committing.

 NOTE: I tried attaching the bug to the trac entry, but get a warning 
 that it thinks I'm spamming.  It presents me with a captcha and after 
 submitting that, says there's no attachment, so I'm sending to the list.

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