[chirp_users] VX-8 Mic cables at RT Systems for $8.

Robert Terzi rct at r-t.org
Thu May 5 09:12:16 PDT 2011

I just posted this to the VX-8 Yahoo group.  I'm re-posting it
here in case anyone needs a source for the proprietary VX-8
mic connector.

On 4/19/2011 12:05 PM, David Pittle wrote:
> I discovered that RT Systems who make the cables and programming
> software would sell me a cable to fit the proprietary mic connector
> like the official Yaesu one for $8 + shipping;

Thanks for the tip.   I received mine today in the mail today.
Shipping in the US was only $4.  I ordered 3 of them and it still
came to less than it would have cost me for one of the Yaesu CT-M11.

They aren't on the RT Systems web site yet, but Karin at RT said
would be adding them to the web site.  You can order them
by phone, 1-800-921-4834, ask for the "open VX-8 cable".

Note: I haven't seen the Yaesu CT-11 cable so I can't give an
good comparison.  The RT Systems cable just plugs in.  There
is no threaded nut to secure it, so I wouldn't consider it
water proof.  If that is important to you, you probably
want to spring for the Yaesu cable.  Also, the cable insulation
isn't as flexible as it could be, I think it's probably PVC
and I'd imagine the Yaesu cable is probably a more flexible
rubber compound.

For my purposes, like building a sound card interface, and being
able to occasionally use some of my other accessories, the RT Systems
cable is a great deal.

Also Note, this isn't for the VX-8GR as that doesn't have the
same mic connector.


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