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#108: .csv to include empty channels
  Reporter:  Dan Robertson <dan.my.studio@…>          |       Owner:  kk7ds   
      Type:  Feature                                  |      Status:  accepted
  Priority:  Would be nice                            |   Milestone:          
 Component:  Import/Export                            |     Version:  0.1.11  
Resolution:                                           |    Keywords:          
  Platform:  Windows                                  |  

Comment (by Dan Robertson <dan.my.studio@…>):

 Will hold off on the ticket for the power level. I don't like cluttering
 up the ticket list with small non bug issues.
 The editor (assuming you are referring to the Chirp program itself) does
 already show the empty channels.
 It is not a huge deal either way as I tested writing the channels out of
 order in the csv and then importing it and the channels turned up where
 they were supposed too. IE after memory 55 putting in memory 12 and then
 uploading it.
 It is more of how my mind works. I like to have things in order. Excellent
 feature being able to do it in the spreadsheet. I like that I can create
 different csv for different areas as I like to travel and I dont want all
 the extra frequencies that I am not using in the radio.

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