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#105: Bug Setting "default" frequency to last frequency edited..
  Reporter:  Robert Terzi <rct+chirp@…>        |       Owner:        
      Type:  Bug                               |      Status:  new   
  Priority:  Cosmetic                          |   Milestone:        
 Component:  Memory Editor                     |     Version:  0.1.11
Resolution:                                    |    Keywords:        
  Platform:  Linux                             |  

Comment (by kk7ds):

 This was discussed a bit on the list, and it has to do with the behavior
 of chirp when controlling "live" radios.  Such drivers flush the writes to
 the radio in realtime, and the radio does its own validation of the
 settings.  CHIRP used to just use 0.0000 for the frequency until you set
 it, but that meant that users of the live radios were *required* to edit
 the frequency to something valid *first* before doing anything else.
 Similarly, I've recently been trying to do full validation of all that
 input against the description each radio driver exports about its
 attributes (including valid frequency ranges) and accepting 0.0000 means
 that the user could program that to the radio at some point.

 Would it be more suitable if the default was (optionally) something like
 the native frequency of the radio (i.e. 144.0000) or the like?

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