[chirp_users] w32a testing

Dan Smith dsmith at danplanet.com
Tue Mar 29 12:39:24 PDT 2011

> on the released code version, I had no problems downloading, making a
> small change and uploading to my ic-w32a.  I do see some names inside
> Chirp as a square with an X inside.  As best I can tell these are
> programmed memories, that have no name set (as opposed to empty
> memories).  They show up as blank in my radio, but may be some
> special character that X isn't rendering as a blank.

Ah, okay, can you send me an image to look at?

> I think with this release, you've gotten nearly all my radios, and
> all of the ones I had just programmed by hand (or with other free
> software) because I didn't think it was worth $50 for the software
> and having to boot to windows to use it.


> now if CHIRP could only fix the VHF side of my W32 so it transmits
> again I'd really be set :-)

Hmm, I probably can't help with that :)

Dan Smith

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