[chirp_users] w32a testing

Debbie Fligor n9dn at arrl.net
Tue Mar 29 11:29:35 PDT 2011

on the released code version, I had no problems downloading, making a small change and uploading to my ic-w32a.  I do see some names inside Chirp as a square with an X inside.  As best I can tell these are programmed memories, that have no name set (as opposed to empty memories).  They show up as blank in my radio, but may be some special character that X isn't rendering as a blank.

I notice that even if I check "Special Channels" I can't see/edit Memories 1A, 1B, etc. I don't know if I was supposed to be able to or not.

Other than that, it seems to have basic functionality and works for up, down and save.  

I think with this release, you've gotten nearly all my radios, and all of the ones I had just programmed by hand (or with other free software) because I didn't think it was worth $50 for the software and having to boot to windows to use it.

now if CHIRP could only fix the VHF side of my W32 so it transmits again I'd really be set :-) 

thanks again for all the handy software.


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