[chirp_users] Help on libiconv DLL issue

Dan Smith dsmith at danplanet.com
Fri Mar 25 09:49:10 PDT 2011

Hi all,

If you are experiencing the DLL warning message with CHIRP on your 
Windows box, I need to talk to you to determine why it's happening.

If you are seeing this, could you please reply with the following details:

1. The version of CHIRP you're using
2. How you are running it (zip or installer)
3. What version and service pack of Windows you're on
4. What other software you have installed on the system that may also
    ship that DLL (Pidgin and Gimp come to mind)

I just tried CHIRP on a completely fresh install of WinXP (both 
installer and zip versions).  I'm unable to reproduce the issue, so I 
need some help to get this either resolved or documented before I post 
0.1.11 final.


Dan Smith

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