[chirp_users] Chirp test with Wouxun.

Dan Smith dsmith at danplanet.com
Tue Mar 22 11:58:47 PDT 2011

> Software shows NFM when downloaded profile is displayed onscreen....
> HOWEVER, when re-uploading to radio, the setting STILL shiws wide, as
> previously programmed.

So, lets just make sure we've got our terminology straight here.  CHIRP 
has the following definitions:

  FM = 25kHz steps, 5kHz deviation
NFM = 12.5kHz steps, 2.5kHz deviation
WFM = (broadcast FM, wide-wide bandwidth)

That matches Icom's notion of the terminology, but not Yaesu's for 
example.  What Yaesu calls NFM is CHIRP's FM, and what it calls FM is 
what CHIRP calls WFM.

Although contrary to what I told you privately, looking at the code, 
CHIRP's Wouxun driver does have knowledge of the Narrow/Wide bit in the 
Wouxun's memory, but it could be interpreting the meaning incorrectly. 
If you could double-check the behavior with the above definitions, that 
would be appreciated.

> Also, Scan skip is displayed onscreen, yet when sent back to the radio,
> again, previously programmed settings stick.

Hmm, are you sure it's not inverted?  Like, you set it for no Skip and 
it turns on Skip on the radio (and vice versa)?

> Editing settings:
> I changed some settings... BUT.. when uploading them to the radio they
> did NOT stick.
> My obervations is that the program at this time can only download a file
> for observation.  Data communication is fine; but for some reason, the
> program cannot change any info.

Hmm, that's definitely strange.  Have you tried changing something super 
obvious like a frequency or tone mode and confirmed that it does not 
update the radio properly?

Can anyone else with a Wouxun confirm that it's working for them?  I had 
several people try it during development and it definitely wasn't *this* 

> Program currently cannot load .tw files, so I can't load another profile.

Yep, this is known.  While I may add support for this in the future, 
their file format is really dumb and so I decided against supporting it 
directly in the first go-round.


Dan Smith

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