[chirp_users] Chirp test with Wouxun.

John Wilkerson jl_wilkerson at att.net
Tue Mar 22 11:47:31 PDT 2011

Will load and and upload fine with no glitches during file transfer.

Software shows NFM when downloaded profile is displayed onscreen.... 
HOWEVER, when re-uploading to radio, the setting STILL shiws wide, as 
previously programmed.

Also, Scan skip is displayed onscreen, yet when sent back to the radio, 
again, previously programmed settings stick.

I reset the radio to factory settings and uploaded.  Same situation.

Chirp perfectly downloads and uploads file correctly.

Editing settings:

I changed some settings... BUT.. when uploading them to the radio they 
did NOT stick.
My obervations is that the program at this time can only download a file 
for observation.  Data communication is fine; but for some reason, the 
program cannot change any info.

Program currently cannot load .tw files, so I can't load another profile.

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