[chirp_users] CHIRP 0.1.11b7

Dan Smith dsmith at danplanet.com
Sun Mar 20 15:43:39 PDT 2011

> IC-2200H tested with the 0.1.11.b7 beta...No issues noticed...

Great, thanks!

> One item I tried with this beta was attempting to put in punctuation in
> the alpha (I used 2#$%6 as the test case)...The radio (apparently) won't
> display them so it didn't try...The data was stored in the radio (cycled
> power, restarted Chirp, redownloaded the radio data), but the radio just
> displayed whatever frequency I had put behind that tag.  Nothing broke
> with it though.

Actually, it's more likely that they're being filtered out by CHIRP
itself.  So far, I haven't done a very good job of keeping the whitelist
of allowed characters per radio up-to-date because it's often rather
difficult to figure out which ones each radio supports.

Glad it handled it gracefully though :)

Dan Smith

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