[chirp_users] CVS conversion

IZ5FSA iz5fsa at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 13:04:47 PST 2011

I want to know CSV columns names, format and domain expected by chirpw.
I had to create a single file with italians repeaters/frequency memories to 
upload on every radio managed by chirp converting CSV to native chirp or img files.

I've seen you manage dup column always with a 0 (when exporting to CSV)... What 
kind of data you expect in input (+, -, <pace>) ?

I think this can help to chirp diffusion and data management.

73s de Leo IZ5FSA

Il 09/03/2011 22:28, Dan Smith ha scritto:
> Hi Leo,
>> I'm working on my 2820 and I tried to export italian rpeater list into a csv
>> file. I've modified the fields to accomplish to the CSV format readed by chirp
>> but I see that chirpw don't read my cvs... i've saved a native chirp file to a
>> csv and I've imported it again with no success. I think managing CSV files will
>> be a good thing when you have lots of rows to edit. Can you document CSV
>> managemet by chirp or give a chance to use csv for import?
> I'm not sure what you mean by "give a chance to use csv for import".
> I assume you're looking for more explanation as to why it won't
> open/import your CSV file in the UI, right?  I should definitely improve
> that reporting.
> The recent betas have a bit better CSV import support, namely they let
> you leave out fields that you don't care about, and CHIRP uses the first
> row of column headers to determine which column is which.
> In the sort term, feel free to send me your CSV file and I'll figure out
> what's wrong with it and try to make CHIRP report what is failing better.
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