[chirp_users] Dumb 8900 queary

Mike Heitmann n0so at att.net
Tue Jun 7 06:53:33 PDT 2011

Hi Alvin,

Forgive me if you know all of this already: 
Linux allocates and removes the ttyUSB devices "on the fly" as they are inserted or removed. It usually adds them, in order of insertion, as ttyUSB0, ttyUSB1, etc. regardless of which USB connector they are plugged into. At least that's been my experience with the Ubuntu and Fedora distributions. I find it's very easy to get the  ttyUSBx devices mixed up if you have more than one, especially when troubleshooting a problem. An example, FWIW:

If you:
1. You plug in a USB serial device. Linux adds it as ttyUSB0
2. You start an application (let's use chirp for this example).
3. Chirp sees the device as ttyUSB0 and opens it.
4. The device appears to get "hung" for one reason or another.
4. The USB adapter is unplugged, then reinserted.
5. Linux makes the same USB adapter be ttyUSB1 this time because Linux thinks ttyUSB0 is still in use as far as Linux knows.

That's why I usually run:
dmesg | grep ttyUSB
when I remove or insert USB serial adapters to verify what ttyUSB device Linux thinks it is. 

Do this before you start chirp so you know you've selected the correct USB device. If you only have one USB serial adapter it should be the only ttyUSB device chirp lists in the selection menu.

Happy testing!
Mike, N0SO (using a real keyboard this time)

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On Mon, Jun 6, 2011 at 10:28 PM, Dan Smith <dsmith at danplanet.com> wrote:

> /dev/ttyUSB0  /dev/ttyUSB1

> That's the 2 Ext HD partitions.

No, those are USB-to-serial adapters.

> I'll see if I can get someone to check (wiggle) the plugs

They're clearly connected and identified by the OS.  Have you tried

CHIRP against both of them?

Yup just did got an error on both 
> (I have 5% use of 1 hand)

For what it's worth, all of the Icom radios are fully remotely
Ya wish I had a 706mkiig buuuut, 
Hay thanks for all the emails. I'll try plugging it in the front usb jack tomorrow.

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