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#85: IC-W32A & v0.1.11v7-win32 -- rig starts scanning after d/l from radio
  Reporter:  kb3mun@…             |       Owner:  kk7ds        
      Type:  Bug                  |      Status:  accepted     
  Priority:  Functionality        |   Milestone:               
 Component:  Memory Editor        |     Version:               
Resolution:                       |    Keywords:  IC-W32A, W32A
  Platform:  Windows              |  

Comment (by anonymous):

 I can add some additional information.  Using Chirp daily-06092001 running
 on Win7 Pro with Win7 compatible KeySpan 4-port serial adapter USA-49WG.

 When downloading (radio to Chirp) a full VHF/UHF configuration, after the
 I observe scanning on the MAIN side to start when the cloning is
 completed.  Scanning is of the defined memories, wrapping at the end of
 the memory list to scan continously.

 After doing a hard reset of the radio (holding VFO, MR, & SQL buttons when
 powering on), I observe that the scanning starts on the MAIN side.  As
 there are no defined memories, scanning is of the frequencies defined by
 the scan edges.  I did not wait to see if it would wrap and continue
 scanning once reaching the scan edge--but I suspect it would.

 After doing a hard reset, and defining one memory location M00, I observe
 that the scanning of the several 'memory locations'  (M1A, M1B, M00)
 occurs once and then stops on location M00.  Of course, I'm not sure how I
 would tell if it was continuously scanning the single memory channel, or
 not scanning--there does not appear to be any visual indication of
 scanning operation other than the frequency changing in the display.

 Looking more closely at the other circumstances, it appears that when the
 scanning starts, it does cycle once thru the radio's fixed memory
 registers (M1A, M1B, etc.) before continuously scanning the user defined
 memory locations or scanning between the scan edges.

 I, too, am baffled by the discrepancy between the behavior of the IC-W32A
 you have and the one I have.  Perhaps it is a radio-specific thing:  for
 the record, I have serial number 0504102 here, and you have (an apparently
 much earlier) serial number 05516.

 One thing we have not yet tried is that you send me a copy of the radio
 image that does not start scanning, and I try it on my radio here to see
 what happens.

 73 de Daniel KB3MUN

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