[chirp_users] Fedora Linux RPMs for chirp-daily_06032011 Available

Mike Heitmann
Fri Jun 3 19:43:59 PDT 2011


Linux Fedora RPMs for the latest chirp-daily build are now available in 
the KK7DS Ham-Apps yum repository.

To add the repository as a software source, please follow these 

I know it says d-rats, the chirp files are in the same repository ;-)

After setting up the repository, open the "Add/Remove Software" tool and 
go to "software sources" under the system menu. Make sure the "KK7DS Ham 
Apps Beta Software" line is checked (enabled).

For some reason, the Fedora package manager likes the beta versions 
better that the daily builds, so you may not see the daily release in 
the list the first time you update. If you don't see it, open a terminal 
window and enter:
yum update chirp-daily_06032011

Or, If you are running Fedora fc13 or earlier, enter:
yum update chirp-daily_06032011-1.fc13

That should install chirp-daily_06032011.

Until we get the rpm packaging automated, Fedora Linux RPMs of the daily 
builds will be made on a *weekly* schedule - usually on Fridays. More 
often if something significant is added or fixed.

Think of them as a summary of the past week's daily builds!

Happy Testing!

Mike, N0SO
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