[chirp_users] [CHIRP] #120: problem exporting on IC-W32A

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Mon Jul 25 14:08:19 PDT 2011

#120: problem exporting on IC-W32A
  Reporter:  kb3mun         |       Owner:                                          
      Type:  Bug            |      Status:  closed                                  
  Priority:  Functionality  |   Milestone:                                          
 Component:  Import/Export  |     Version:  (tip)                                   
Resolution:  Fixed          |    Keywords:  export,  W32A, no CSV, field not mutable
  Platform:  Windows        |  

Comment (by kk7ds):

 Nope, File->Export should let you choose a .CSV file. Lets move discussion
 of this to the mailing list if we can. Could you send me a screenshot?
 This might be Windows 7 -related as it seems fine here in WinXP.


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