[chirp_users] D7A(g) issue

Dan Smith dsmith at danplanet.com
Sun Jul 10 08:54:17 PDT 2011

> I have the latest daily build working fine with my D72 and TH-F6A. My
> D7A(g) just sits there when trying to read from the radio. The real
> kicker is when I use the 0.1.11b5 version, the A(g) is read fine. Any issue.

Hmm, okay. If you could run it in the terminal and capture the output, 
that would be helpful:

   ./chirpw >mylog.txt 2>&1

Then reproduce the hang, wait a bit, and then close chirp. Send me the 
log file and I'll take a look. I don't have a D7, so I have to borrow 
one to do any hands-on investigation :)

Dan Smith

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