[chirp_users] Chirp Data transfer

Ken Simpson, W8EK W8EK at flham.net
Mon Jul 4 14:53:40 PDT 2011

I have tried Hyperterminal, and I get part way.

I set the Com 1 port (since I am using the "real serial cable" to 
19200 baud, and 8-N-1 with no flow control.

At step 3, I get nothing back when I type anything.  And I don't think 
I should since there is no "wrap" plug on the cable connecting "data 
out" back to "data in" or TxD to RxD, if you prefer.

I tried steps 4 and 5, and nothing happens.



Ken, W8EK

Dan Smith wrote, On 7/4/2011 5:30 PM:
>> That is the way I have been doing it!
> So, if you want to try something:
> 1. Open up HyperTerminal
> 2. Set to the proper COM port, no flow control, 19200 baud
> 3. Type something, which should be echo'd to the screen if the cable is
>     working as expected (even when not connected to the radio)
> 4. Then put your radio in clone mode and hit the band key
> 5. See if you get "AH028" on your screen
> If you do, then I'm out of ideas. If you don't then there's something 
> wrong with the cable, serial port, radio, etc.

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