[chirp_users] [CHIRP] #75: Import poblem between 880H and VX-7R

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#75: Import poblem between 880H and VX-7R
  Reporter:  KN0N@…                 |       Owner:  kk7ds   
      Type:  Bug                    |      Status:  accepted
  Priority:  Functionality          |   Milestone:          
 Component:  Import/Export          |     Version:          
Resolution:                         |    Keywords:          
  Platform:  Linux                  |  
Changes (by kk7ds):

  * owner:  => kk7ds
  * status:  new => accepted


 Ah, okay, I see now.  The problem is that the 880 doesn't support WFM.
 However, I expect that the lines that are greyed out are not actually in
 WFM mode on your radio, is that right?

 So, it's probably incorrectly detecting the VX7 mode and thus thinking
 it's not able to do the import.

 I'll take a look, thanks!

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