[chirp_users] [CHIRP] #75: Import poblem between 880H and VX-7R

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Thu Jan 27 14:53:25 PST 2011

#75: Import poblem between 880H and VX-7R
 Reporter:  KN0N@…                 |        Type:  Bug          
   Status:  new                    |    Priority:  Functionality
Milestone:                         |   Component:  Import/Export
  Version:                         |    Keywords:               
 Platform:  Linux                  |  
 0.1.11.b4  is working very well.  I have been running edits and transfers
 with little issue.  I am puzzled why, when editing my 880 image and
 importing from the VX7 image, some of the 880 memory lines are grayed out.
 They should be valid and importable.  Going the other direction (from 880
 file to VX7) Everything looks good, and the D-STAR stuff is the only thing
 that is (properly)gray. I am attaching my 880 and VX-7 images.  Thanks

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