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#83: exporting to CSV generates a List Error
 Reporter:  n9dn@…         |        Type:  Bug          
   Status:  new            |    Priority:  Functionality
Milestone:                 |   Component:  Import/Export
  Version:                 |    Keywords:               
 Platform:  MacOS          |  
 I tried to export my A bank (IC-92AD) to CSV, and got an error. I tried
 again from a saved .chirp file, and got the same error (in a pop up

 There was an error during export: 'list' object has no attribute

 and the "Preparing memory list" popup window never goes away.  things
 still seem to work once I close it by hand though.


 Here's the exception text from the window I ran it in:

 -- Exception: --
 Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "/Users/fligor/bin/chirp-0.1.11b5/chirpui/editorset.py", line 247,
 in do_export
   File "/Users/fligor/bin/chirp-0.1.11b5/chirpui/editorset.py", line 176,
 in _do_import_locked
     dialog = dlgclass(src_radio, dst_rthread.radio, self.parent_window)
   File "/Users/fligor/bin/chirp-0.1.11b5/chirpui/importdialog.py", line
 531, in __init__
   File "/Users/fligor/bin/chirp-0.1.11b5/chirpui/importdialog.py", line
 458, in populate_list
     except errors.InvalidMemoryLocation, e:
 AttributeError: 'list' object has no attribute 'InvalidMemoryLocation'

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