[chirp_users] more help with Mac OS

Dan Smith dsmith at danplanet.com
Thu Feb 10 22:33:57 PST 2011

> b5 does have both tabs. are the memory counts (as memories are read
> from the radio) supposed to be intermixed, or separate depending on
> which tab you're on?  they were intermixed (flipping back and forth
> between the A and B counts regardless of which tab was currently
> selected) and I wasn't sure if that was expected behavior or not.

The two tabs share a single connection to the radio, of course, so they
kinda fight for access while they're loading.  If you are only
interested in the A side (for example), you can just hit Esc (or
Radio->Stop) on the B side and the A one will finish more quickly.  You
can always stop a big queued read by pressing Esc on the live radios.

The idea is that it attempts to load the whole radio in the background
while you're doing other things.  You can always make changes to the
memories on the screen or load another range while it's filling in the
background.  Anything done at the UI takes precedence over the
background loading.

> I did have to add in KeySpan support again before it could bring up
> the dialog box to set the com port.

Hmm, that fall out somehow?  Or did we ever even have it in CHIRP?  I
know it was in the D-RATS code...

Dan Smith

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