[chirp_users] more help with Mac OS

Debbie Fligor n9dn at arrl.net
Wed Feb 9 18:44:39 PST 2011

On May 19, 2009, at 5:56, Dan Smith wrote:

>> I made two code changes, which took care of my problem (I probably  
>> only needed one, but hey...)
>> in platform.py on line 219:
>>  return sorted(glob.glob("/dev/ttyS*") + glob.glob("/dev/ttyUSB*") +  
>> glob.glob("/dev/cu.usbser*") + glob.glob("/dev/tty.Key*"))
>> I added the /dev/tty.Key* option to go with the other ones  had I  
>> looked this up, a symlink to /dev/ttyUSB* (without the "." between tty  
>> and USB) would have probably worked too.
>> and in ic9x.py on line 306 I replaced the default serial port you had  
>> listed with mine:
>>         r = IC9xRadioB(serial.Serial(port="/dev/tty.KeySerial1",
> Ah, great!  Yeah, the first one should be the only one you actually
> needed, but the other won't hurt anything.
> Sorry for the lack of response here, I've just been slammed lately.  I
> hope to return to some sort of normalcy later this week or early next
> week.

So I finally came back to this, and found the same problem.  of course I didn't recall the keyspan problem so I busted my python2.6 install messing around :-)

A lot of messing around with python2.6 and a spiffy new python2.7 install later, and it's all good now, once I made the same two changes above to chirp v 0.1.11b4  (although the line numbers are no  longer a match)

and a dumb question - having not paid much attention, is there a way to get the "A" side of a 92AD to export?


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