[chirp_users] Thoughts on TH-F6A support and looking for D710 support

Dan Smith dsmith at danplanet.com
Sun Feb 6 07:44:25 PST 2011

> Ok, let me know when you find some time to change that and I'll test
> it.

I've already fixed it, and it's in the version you downloaded with the
dialog box.  Did that not make it work?

> I just tried out the chirp-hg-6e6ab5a16f39 TIP and that dialog box
> is perfect!  That helps a lot!


> If you download all 400 memories, why limit the display to only the 
> first 25?  Why not make the default display be 0-399?

Because on radios with 1200 memories, the processing and display can get
a little slow.  With the new preference store I just added to track your
dialog box, I will be able to make it remember the last used value.

> This newest tip of tree still shows the same behavior

You're right, my patch for that is queued behind something else that
isn't in the tree yet.  I'll be there soon :)

> but there is a new bug.  It seems to be sendingsomething  which
> freaks out the radio out and again, the name is shifting from D7 to
> E7:

This looks the same as the other issue you pointed out.  I'm working on
getting an F6A to borrow so I can try to reproduce this.

> I'm also seeing a behavior that I don't know is the radio, the USB 
> cable, or something Chirp is doing but the serial system is getting 
> corrupt and I have to disconnect the radio from the USB cable, the 
> computer from the cable, let it deplete all it's energy and then
> things work again:


> V71->PC: 
> f�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�ff�f

Hmm, that looks *very* strange.  What kind of USB adapter is it?  Do you
use it for other things successfully?

Dan Smith

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