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#79: Memory merging and conflict resolution
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 I've been looking for a Linux tool that could syncronize my various
 radios's memories while keeping some data unique.  I realize that I can do
 this manually with CSV files but having this in Chirp would be fantastic.
 Some ideas for the UI could include:

 - When a radio's data is downloaded, load it's data into the table but
 have say the first column naming which radio it came from

 - When the next radio's data is downloaded, merge that into the table.  If
 a given row is identical from both radios, change the 1st row cell's name
 to reflect both radios

    - If a given row (memory slot) are different (conflict), add an
 additional row reflecting the 2nd radio's name, it's data, and maybe put
 it in a different color

       - alternatively, maybe these radios have a unique ID like a serial
 number, user setable name, etc.  so use that

    - offer a pulldown for this conflict row and ideally REMEMBER this
 decision (maybe this remembering would be more troublesome than what it's

       - override the master row

       - move to memory slot: ###   (drag and drop would be slick but that
 might be hard in Python)

       - keep unique to this radio

       - delete

 The reason for the "keep unique to this radio" would be say on my two
 D710s, one has an APRS SSID of "KI6ZHD" and another that has "KI6ZHD-9".
 If I could use this tool to merge data while keeping some settings unique
 would be ideal.

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